2017: Holy Ghost

Rediscovering the Mess & The Mystery

Whether you are a tongues-speaking charismatic, a thoughtful cessationist (did you know that was a word?), or totally confused about the whole thing,

many of us tend to reduce the mystery of Holy Spirit into something, or someone, we can manage. Some of us box out the Spirit for what we think are solid theological reasons, while others of us box in the Spirit by forcing him into a formula with mathematical precision. And, no matter what our denominational background, we tend to think that we have Holy Spirit figured out and everyone else is wrong. Yet, many of us are also longing for something, or someone, more in our own lives and in the collective life of the church. If we really want this, we need to open our Bibles and rediscover the mystery and the mess of the Holy Spirit. That’s why this year we are calling our Merge series Holy Ghost, an older phrase that is just unfamiliar enough to make us reconsider what we think we know about the Holy Spirit. Watch the videos from the three sessions below.